Notes on the anti-LGBTQ movement, Heidi Ganahl, the Loveland police, Brianna Titone, and more.
Notes on Republican Primaries, public schools, Sheriff Braudis, Denver, Epps, and more.
Notes on peace keeping, milk donations, voting, abortion, plants, race and economic progress, and more.
Notes on the legislative session, fentanyl, Lauren Boebert, and more.
Notes on Covid, fentanyl, adoption and fertility donor records, 'green' bills, landscaping, and more.
The band provided the soundtrack to an effort to push back against the drug war.
Notes on abortion, rent control, fentanyl laws, criminal sentencing, Elisabeth Epps, and more.
Notes on EV mandates, protections for sex workers, evangelical homeschoolers, the war on drugs, a proposed flavored tobacco ban, and Covid fraud.
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