Notes on refund politics, the delivery tax, Peck's free-speech victory, Pete Lee, abortion law, and more.
Notes about criminal justice, housing policy, discrimination law, anti-gay provisions in the state constitution, 'good guys with a gun,' and schools.
Notes on armed defense, school performance, and more.
Notes on the anti-LGBTQ movement, Heidi Ganahl, the Loveland police, Brianna Titone, and more.
Notes on Republican Primaries, public schools, Sheriff Braudis, Denver, Epps, and more.
Notes on peace keeping, milk donations, voting, abortion, plants, race and economic progress, and more.
Notes on the legislative session, fentanyl, Lauren Boebert, and more.
Notes on Covid, fentanyl, adoption and fertility donor records, 'green' bills, landscaping, and more.
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