Herod the libertarian, politically defined news media, the Republican meltdown, The Church, free lunches, and more.
Complete Colorado published my article, “Legislature has no business defining ‘news media.’” The piece begins: Equality before the law is a fundamental…
Also: The Republican meltdown, Pat Schroeder, crime, the new right, romantic art, and more.
Conspiracy mongers and bigots commit the Colorado GOP to slow suicide.
Housing, gun bills, education, media, crime, youth depression, masks, and more.
Also: Denver crime, a BLM school, AI journalism, Satan, anti-transgender bigotry, libertarian women, and more.
Also: Safe-use drug sites, transgender kids in schools, child welfare, guns, Shibboleths, and more.
Also: "Assault" guns, anti-trans rhetoric, 14ers access, the reading wars, and more.
Also: The attack on freedom of contract, Republican craziness, gun laws, and more.

February 2023

Legislative sausage, supervised drug use sites, pro-LGBTQ Catholics, and more.
I realize there’s a lot going on in the state that I have not yet discussed here. I’m also working hard on my book project and managing homeschooling…

January 2023

Discussion with a progressive, the "assault" gun bill, the bag ban, Denver housing, and more.