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Your article demonstrates, at least to me, two important facts.

When in response to policies that are "bat shit crazy," the political opposition responds with their own "bat shit crazy" assertions, the result is a diversion of focus to the latter rather than on the former where it should have remained in the first place! "Identity" used to mean conceptual definition. It now represents the politics emanating from emotional desire.

Your lengthy and detailed examination of Ganahl's "performance" is all out of proportion to what it deserves.

Which "bat shit crazy" Party is more bat shit crazy than the other? I have my answer in spite of the fact that I can find instances of it in both.

From the Jackasses, bat shit crazy is the "norm" and therefore expected. Few are surprised and the usual response by most informed citizens amounts to little more than resignation at the "bat shit" and those fostering it.

On the other hand, when BSC rears its ugly head from a pachyderm it produces surprise, shock, disgust/hilarity, and receives far more focus than it otherwise deserves - though it properly deserves recognition!

As I have previously posited, Republicans are often their own worst enemy.

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